Hot Yoga Defined

Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram, is one of the many yoga styles offered at One Tree. This is a series of 26 postures specifically designed to engage, strengthen and stretch the body from head to toe. At One Tree, we offer the traditional 90-minute series, as well as a 75-minute slightly-condensed version and a 60-minute power hour. All three series variations are practiced in a temperature and humidity-controlled room, allowing the body to safely stretch, detoxify, tone and destress.

Before you come to class, be sure to hydrate! Bring a water (or two) with you to class, as well as a large towel and mat. If you’re looking for more reasons to practice, just ask our teachers!

Bernie: “I like to practice hot yoga because I like the structured sequence of the 26 postures and getting a second chance at each pose. However, it’s the heat that keeps me coming back for more... for sure!”

Anne: “I love hot yoga as it exercises the entire body and you work up a good sweat. energizing and detoxifying.”

April: “I love hot yoga at One Tree because of the variety of teaching styles and class lengths that we offer. Practicing a set sequence like the hot series, regardless of teacher or length, allows you to really tune in and notice changes in your body from day to day. As an added bonus, it is the best medicine I’ve found for sore muscles!”

Mary Pat: “And I would go so far as to say that practicing hot yoga makes you a better person. The uniqueness of hot yoga is when you come to class there is a discipline that develops through the practice which helps you focus and live in the present. Hot yoga - it is obviously challenging with the heat component & there are times you may want to leave the hot room (which is totally ok!) but you learn to acclimate, adjust and stay and move through poses taking one at a time. Life is a lot like this - when life throws you challenging situations, your first reaction is to push the ‘eject’ button and run to try and remove yourself as far away as possible. But you can learn to acclimate, adjust, and stay with the situation and take one step at a time.”

Gabe Hopp