Our class offerings draw from many yoga traditions and styles and support the whole range of abilities from beginner to advanced practitioner.


A practice class for brand new teachers who graduate from our teacher training program. This class gives them the chance to hone their craft in a lower-pressure environment. And, gives you the chance to come and see how new teachers develop into the high caliber teachers we’re known for at OTY.


Our alignment-based version of vinyasa for experienced practitioners. This advanced flow practice assumes a working knowledge of sun salutations and foundational poses. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by your teacher and incorporates props into the flow.


Our alignment-based version of vinyasa. This all-levels practice ties traditional hatha poses together in a flow-style with several breaths per pose. A great class to learn actions in the pose while you move with breath. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by your teacher and incorporates props into the flow.


This class is for brand new yogis! It builds strength and flexibility for a balanced body, while cultivating calm and focus for a balanced mind. Establish the building blocks of your practice by finding alignment and ease in foundational postures. This class is appropriate for those who want to begin yoga, as well as those who wish to enrich an established practice.


This 4-week series is for brand new yogis and lays the groundwork for a lifelong yoga practice. Explore yogic principles of strength, flexibility, balance, and fluidity through foundational postures and attention to breath. This class is ideal for students who are brand-new to yoga, with a relaxed environment and limited class size. The series begins the first week of each month and is ongoing throughout the year.


A fluid style of yoga, this all-levels practice of vinyasa flow ties traditional hatha poses together in a sequence that is linked to the breath. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by the teacher and options to challenge every skill level. Quicker-paced than Align and Flow, our Flow classes will definitely get your heart rate up.


A traditional yoga offering with static postures designed to strengthen, open, and align the body. This class gives students the opportunity to break down and explore poses, learn and understand alignment principles and actions in each pose and learn to effectively use props to enhance the practice.


Our hot yoga is based on the traditional 26-pose series practiced in a heated room. The heat enhances flexibility and provides deep cleansing benefits. The room is 105 degrees with high humidity to make it extra sweaty. We offer hot in 3 lengths: 60 minutes, 75 minutes and 90 minutes. Check the schedule for the listed class length.


Restorative yoga utilizes long long holds with many props to create space, ease and restfulness. This practice is designed to calm your heart and mind, rest your body fully and leave you feeling refreshed and peaceful. This class meets twice a month on the 2nd + 4th Sunday of the month. This class is limited in space and has a different policy than our other classes:

  • There is a 24-hour cancelation policy. If you can no longer make it to the class, you must remove yourself from the roster by 5:00 PM on the Saturday before or we will charge your card or debit your account if you late cancel.

  • You must pay at the time of sign-up. If you can't make the class and late cancel, you will lose your drop-in.


This class is a well-rounded practice designed especially for seniors, with modified postures and extensive use of props. The class focuses on alignment and posture to maximize the benefits of each pose. Though specifically created for seniors, everyone is welcome!


No first-timers, please! A silent practice of the traditional 26-pose hot yoga series, this class is recommended for students who have attended at least 10 hot yoga classes.


This hatha-style class includes the use of wall ropes for increased strength, release, and range of motion. Enjoy hands-free inversions and play with postures in different relations to gravity.

Due to limited space in this class, unlimited passholders who sign up in advance will be charged the price of a drop-in for late cancellation or no-show.


This slow-paced practice of seated and reclined poses gently accesses deep connective tissues through long holds of 3-5 minutes and focus on the breath. Long-term benefits include improved range of motion, increased bone-density, improvement to concentration and attention span and ease of joint function.


This all-levels practice has it all! Warm up and flow with strong and fiery yang practices and finish off with a cooling, settling yin. Classes will be challenging and restorative in turn. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by the teacher, may work up to a peak pose and closes with a good old fashioned deep, slow yin practice.


This vinyasa-style practice is led by Mary Pat Paul, in support of the Fr. Michael Mukasa Uganda Education fund. This fund provides financial assistance to young people in and around Kampala, Uganda for primary through university education, enhancing the quality of their lives and the community. Class is donation-based with all proceeds going directly to the Yoga for Uganda fund.

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