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OTY has been a small Omaha business for almost 20 years.  We have two convenient locations in the heart of Dundee and in bustling Southwest Omaha. We deeply value the teacher-student relationship and are committed to teaching premier yoga in Omaha.

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Beginner’s Series with Lindsay Knieper
Tuesdays in June, 6-7 PM

This 4-week series lays the groundwork for a lifelong yoga practice. Explore yogic principles of strength, flexibility, balance, and fluidity through foundational postures and attention to breath. This class is ideal for students who are brand-new to yoga. Sign up for all 4 weeks for $50 or drop in for $16.

Reframe with Ropes with Catie Bacon
Saturday June 8th, 1-3 PM

Have you convinced yourself that you can't do advanced poses? Perhaps it's time to reconsider...sometimes the wall can be a great boon in achieving poses you never thought you could do! In this 2-hour workshop, we will reframe our thinking around arm balances, inversions and all around "advanced" asanas and see what we can achieve with a little assist from the great wall. All levels welcome!

Hands on Adjustments with Gabe and Alison
Saturday August 10th, 10:30-1:30 PM

Get a handle on good adjustments and keep students coming back for more. Alison & Gabe share insights for delivering the perfect touch: anatomy & mechanics of postures, timing & duration of assists, and the very best assists for common postures.



Our classes range from gentle to challenging
to suit all levels of practitioners, beginners to experienced.

One Tree Yoga offers classes from many yogic traditions—
Classical Hatha, Yin, Wall Ropes, Hot Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow.

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We pride ourselves on having the best teachers in town. Our team continually seeks out continuing education opportunities both at our studio and across the United States. We come from a variety of backgrounds including physical fitness, education, design and programming, music and criminal justice. Our diverse styles, personalities and preferences ensure that you’ll find a teacher who’s just your speed.



Whether your dream is to teach yoga or just deepen your experience, this program will grow your understanding of yoga beyond what you might ever learn in years of classes. At One Tree Yoga, we celebrate the many styles that have evolved from the ancient practice of yoga. Whether your passion is for a rigorous vinyasa or restorative yin practice, our teacher certification program provides you with the tools to bring your passion to others.


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East Studio: 5020 Dodge St

We are located on the ground floor of the NRG media building. Our parking lot is to the West of the building. Park in the lot and walk East (toward downtown) down the stairs. You’ll see our secret entryway on the left. Come on down!


West Studio: 14606 W. Center Rd.

The West location is located in the Northwest corner of the Harvey Oaks Plaza (that’s the furthest corner toward the back). The plaza itself is on the Northwest corner of 144th and Center. We have ample parking just outside our business.



Our mission is to offer the premier yoga in Omaha. We aim to have highly-trained teachers who can effectively communicate and teach the alignment, philosophy and energetics of yoga.  We want our teachers to feel supported with ample opportunity for continuing education and personal growth and development.

We prioritize teaching our students and foster an environment of welcomeness, learning and support. We strive to have a healthy and thriving sangha of yogis who feel they are a part of our community. We want our students to feel comfortable and safe in their practice, and feel the studio has an environment where yoga is truly for everybody.

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