Align + Flow Defined

One thing that makes One Tree great is the variety of yoga styles available. This week we’re highlighting Align + Flow. Our alignment-based version of vinyasa. This all-levels practice ties traditional hatha poses together in a flow-style with several breaths per pose. A great class to learn actions in the pose while you move with breath. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by your teacher and incorporates props into the flow.

Here’s what our teachers have to say:

Dana B: “Align + Flow offers students the opportunity to really dig in and engage with their alignment in poses but still experience the fun, fluid vinyasa style. I love incorporating props into a flow to provide support, alignment help or extra challenge.”

Mary Pat: “I love the Align + Flow class and think others would like it too because I look at is as the ‘align’ indicates a thoughtful and inquisitive exploration of an aspect of the flow that will be included in that class. I usually try to plan a ‘pause’ in the middle of class to do an aspect of one pose in the flow in a different or deeper way. I love the quote, ‘Pause, breathe, repair your universe, proceed.’”

Gabe:”My favorite thing about Align + Flow is that it combines the athleticism and meditative movement of vinyasa with the physical and energetic alignment intentions of Hatha. It’s classical form with deep breath connection.”

Jamie: “I was surprised how much I enjoy sequencing and teaching the Align + Flow. I was a bit worried about vinyasa and the transitions but I am finding ways to flow poses together and linking the breath. So far I have been using peak pose sequencing and the vinyasa to target the anatomy that will be needed to reach the peak. I’ve had a student say she’s amazed she can get into the final pose (Yes!). I find it a nice blend of vinyasa and hatha.”

Alison: “Align + Flow is really just the way I know how to teach vinyasa. It’s the best of keeping the flow and movement that people love about vinyasa and combine it with alignment, that is a One Tree Yoga staple. Smart and safe flow that’s sustainable.”

Gabe Hopp